Production and distribution of microbiological mats, dehydrated mats, rapid identification tests and laboratory accessories.

Trusted by laboratories  since 1987.

Production and distribution of ready-to-use broad range of microbiological culture media, rapid identification tests and laboratory accessories.

Trusted by laboratories since 1987.


Collective vacation

We inform all clients that from August 5, until August 16, 2024, we will use collective annual leave. Please send your orders on time. Thank you for understanding!


Our products are used in

healthcare institutions

for identification and cultivation of pathogenic microorganisms and diagnosis of infectious diseases and monitoring of infections.

food industries

for the detection and quantification of microorganisms, ensuring food safety and quality through contamination control and hygiene standards.

human microbiology

for the isolation, identification and sensitivity testing of microorganisms, which is essential for the diagnosis of infections and the management of adequate therapy.

control laboratories

for routine testing and analysis of samples, ensuring accurate detection and identification of microorganisms to maintain quality and safety standards.

water supply companies

for the detection and monitoring of microbiological contamination in water, ensuring its safety and quality for human use.


for the diagnosis and identification of pathogenic microorganisms in animals, which is crucial for the prevention, control and treatment of infectious diseases in veterinary practice.


for research and monitoring of microorganisms in the environment, helping to assess ecological health and the impact of pollution on ecosystems.


Trusted by laboratories since 1987

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